Tips for Selling Your Pet-Friendly Home!

The Best Ways to Sell Your Pet-Friendly Home:


Keep Your Pets out of sight and out of mind.

It seems counter-intuitive but even pet lovers are biased against the presence of dogs, cats and other animals when they are searching for a new home. The reasons why range from understandable to impractical superstitions. Regardless, the majority of experts say the best thing pet owners can do when selling their home is to stage it so potential buyers cannot tell a pet lives there.

Here are a few things pet owners should consider while selling their home:

When listing your home, do not include photos that show your dog or cat lounging all on your couches and comforters. You may see such photos as aww-inspiring proof your home is cozy and comfortable. However, potential buyers will interpret it differently. At best, they will see it as a personal touch that reminds them the home already belongs to someone else. That makes it more difficult for them to imagine themselves in your home, which makes your home a harder sell. Worse yet, cautious buyers may view such photos as a red flag for pet-related damage including claw marks, urine stains or lingering odors.

That said, pet-friendly neighborhoods are increasingly coveted by potential homebuyers, so do highlight any features or amenities such as nearby dog parks and good walking trails. Just remember to keep the focus on what they can do with their pet, not what you do with yours.

When scheduling a home showing, it’s in your best interests to remove all signs of pets, if possible. This means not only putting away the litter box and dog food, but possibly even temporarily removing your pets from the home. If possible, bring them with you to a friend’s house or to a local pet daycare.

Babble also recommends removing any damaged furniture or unsightly cosmetic issues. Regardless of who or what caused these imperfections, the presence of things like sofa stains or scuff marks on a stairway railing can give off the impression you don’t properly care for your things. And again, it may also make potential buyers worry about additional damage that might be hiding below the surface.

Between showings, make sure you vacuum everyday in order to keep any fur, feathers, dander or odors in check. One expert recommends doing a “family and friend test” where you invite a non-pet owner whom you trust to visit and give their honest opinion about what their nose detects. If your stuff is up to snuff after their sniff, you can rest easy knowing visitors won’t be distracted. If they admit they can smell your pet, don’t disparage. Just take an additional step by burning a neutral candle.

(Bonus Tip: A family and friend test is also useful if you have messy teenagers or sweaty athletes living in your home!)

Staging your home to minimize the presence of your own pets isn’t about being ashamed of your furry friends. Even if your pets are the most well-behaved creatures, it is simply good practice to make your home as neutral and welcoming to as many potential buyers as possible. Doing so will help you sell your home faster so you (and your pets) can move onto your own next home more quickly.

Article provided by Medina James,

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

Notable Sales | February 2018

Notable Sales | February 2018

The location, the style, the feeling you get when you walk through the door – every aspect of your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and the life you aspire to live.

 Stone Villa Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton


Alden Glen Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Jenny Snodgrass


Shadow Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Amy Moody


Grigsby Loop Circle | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl


Mountain Pass | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Julia Jubran


Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty continues its commitment to quality and unrivaled service and remains Knoxville’s source for extraordinary properties.

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Debbie Cope

Debbie Cope | Extraordinary Agent of the Week

Debbie Cope has had a successful real estate career since 2010. Her strong customer service skills come from her prior experience in pharmaceutical sales where critical training in client relations and the importance of product knowledge was imperative. She has taken these tenets of knowledge and experience and uses them to protect her clients best interest every step of the way. Maintaining a high skill level in negotiation along with consistent communication with all parties involved helps to ensure a smooth transaction.

Exceeding client satisfaction is what drives Debbie through the entire buying and selling process. Her current client base almost solely comes from referrals from her previous clients. She is equally comfortable navigating all levels of properties and treating each client with the individual attention they deserve. This focus on client satisfaction has resulted in consistently achieving multi-million dollar production.

Debbie and her husband just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary, and they have 2 grown children, a son who is an architect in Charleston and a daughter attending law school in Louisiana. When she isn’t working, she loves to cook, read, garden and spend time with the 2 Labradors.

Notable Sales | January 2018

Notable Sales | January 2018

Highway 67 West | Mountain City, Tennessee | sold by Sandy Poe and Gary Rogers


Knightsbridge Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Cope


Mourfield Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Patti Williams


Legends Way | Maryville, Tennessee | sold by Paula Kelley and Deanna Mendenhall-Miller


Madison Ridge Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Amy Moody


Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty continues its commitment to quality and unrivaled service and remains Knoxville’s source for extraordinary properties.

Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty Welcomes Affiliate Brokers

Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty announces the addition of Stacie Mayes, Dakotah Brown and Roamy Kilmer to their West Knoxville office.  As Knoxville’s source for extraordinary properties and unrivaled service, Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty remains committed to quality with the addition of our new affiliate brokers.


Stacie Mayes


Roamy Kilmer


Dakotah Brown

Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty is excited to welcome these new agents!

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Real Estate agents have all kinds of tools at their disposal to market and sell homes.  Virtual staging is one such sales and marketing tool. What once were photos that looked cartoonish have now evolved into more realistic ones. Agents now need to note that properties have been virtually staged due to the high quality graphics of these virtually staged homes!


Virtual staging allows buyers visualize a home and imagine a life within. This vision helps create an emotional connection. What once was a spacious room creating thoughts of ” What goes here?” becomes a room for family and friends to gather!


While staging a home is always a viable option, virtual staging can be more cost effective than you think.  Plus there are additional options. Options available such as virtual staging a room for different uses, configurations or even different furniture styles. You can create what you want to present to the buyer without investing in furniture and man-power to move items in, out or around.


Considering that most buyers begin their  home search online and that quality photographs are top of the list in search preferences, virtual staging can help set your home apart. What may have started as a great first impression could translate to a sale!

If you are interesting in selling your home, please give us a call at 865.357.3232. We are Knoxville’s source for extraordinary properties and unrivaled service and it would be our pleasure to assist you!


Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

Deanna Mendenhall-Miller is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where she received a degree in Animal Science with a minor in biology.  Post-graduation, Deanna spent almost a decade moving and travelling in the restaurant business with corporate openings, supplier sales and computer system installations.

Deanna’s business experience helped her build a work ethic that is detail and customer service oriented. Those principles are central to Deanna’s interactions with all of her clients.  Deanna’s market knowledge is crucial for clients who are selling and/or buying their first, second, retirement or investment home.  Sellers and buyers will receive help with Deanna’s experience in evaluation and negotiation along with staging, prospecting and trouble shooting.

Deanna’s goal is to exceed expectations.  This is the philosophy that is the foundation of her success in real estate. A first time home buyer, a retiree or an investor all provide a forum for Deanna to find the potential in every home and satisfaction for every client.

Deanna is married and has an active “non-work” life keeping up with her two teenagers. Deanna likes to spend time away from work upcycling old furniture pieces and working in the yard.


ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative

SRS- Seller Representative Specialist

GRI – Graduate REALTOR Institute

EPro – Advanced Real Estate Technology Specialties



Get in the Groove, it’s Time to Move

Your home staging plan worked, you’re under contract, and now a new family will soon be living in your home. But between packing, making arrangements at the new place, and entertaining the kids, it can be exhausting. Here are a few tips to help you get through moving day with your sanity intact:

Pack an overnight bag. Even if you arrive at your new home the same day of your move, chances are, you’ll be too tired to dig through your bags and boxes for necessities. Pack an overnight bag that includes toiletries, medication, pajamas, clean clothes for the next day, personal electronics, and chargers. Beagles & Bargains recommends packing your dog’s regular food and water bowls to help minimize anxiety.

Let the kids help. Depending on your children’s ages, they can actually be a big help. Give them a special job to complete, if for no other reason than to keep them busy and out of harm’s way while the movers are on site. Young children can be given a laundry basket full of unmatched socks or ask to fold towels while you’re busy in other areas. Older kids should be put in charge of watching younger siblings or making sure the car is packed with your overnight bags. For the road trip that follows, help your kids beat boredom with these 13 ideas from The Spruce.

Keep your pets out of the way. If you have teens, they can keep watch on the dog, too. Give them a list of responsibilities that includes keeping your pet behind closed doors and out from under foot of the movers. Have your teen provide lots of extra snuggles and physical activity for your pet during the move. Another option is to book a day at a doggy day care or overnight boarding facility.

Color code everything. You can make moving a much simpler process by ensuring boxes with personal items that belong together are color-coded. For example, those that go in your bedroom are taped with green while boxes that belong in the kitchen are sealed with white tape.

Put aside papers and valuables. There are certain things you don’t want in the moving truck. Items of high sentimental value, such as irreplaceable photos and family heirlooms, should be kept with you at all times. Additionally, keep within your reach birth certificates, financial information, medication, Social Security cards, medical documents, and any other forms of identification or documentation you may need. notes that valuables, such as expensive jewelry, should be stored in a bank vault if you’re moving locally. This also applies to cash and credit/debit cards.

Relax and have fun. Perhaps most importantly, take steps to keep yourself and your family calm and relaxed. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of moving into a new home and forget that not everyone – especially young children – can keep up a steady pace without a break. Take some time to make the move a fun and positive experience for the entire family and you’ll be less stressed throughout the entire process. Stop for ice cream, visit a few offbeat attractions along the way, and make the drive a bonding experience by playing games, singing songs, and enjoying your family’s company.

It’s no doubt that moving can be overwhelming. And the larger your property, the tougher the logistics. But if you take the time to plan ahead, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand once moving day arrives. So relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.

Image via Pixabay

Article provided by Medina at

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Sandi Wilson

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Sandi Wilson


As a REALTOR®, Sandi Wilson would love nothing more than to help you find your “dream” home and create the “life you have imagined.” It is with great pleasure that Sandi is able to enlist her expertise, as well as tangible resources, to execute all aspects of the real estate transaction for residential homes, condominiums, undeveloped land, and commercial property.

Born and raised in Knoxville, Sandi has been a devoted part of the community for the past fifty-three years. Her interest in the real estate industry peaked when it became time to purchase her “first” home. Her love for and heightened interest in the market only intensified. After several personal moves, and countless hours spent driving around looking for houses, Sandi decided to obtain her real estate license. She felt her passion for the business could only benefit others!

Sandi has now been in this exciting business for over 17 years and long enough to experience the rise and fall of the market. However, her passion has never been deeper! If Sandi can help you “go confidently in the direction of your dreams”, it would be her honor!


Extraordinary Feature of the Day | Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Extraordinary Feature of the Day | Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Media Rooms and Home Theaters are rooms that are similar in purpose but not necessarily in design. A home theater is built to recreate a true cinematic experience. Screening equipment, ambient lighting, acoustics and strategic seating are all components of a well planned and thought out home theater. The desire to recreate an authentic movie viewing experience is in the designation and details of the room.

A media room may have many or some of the components of a home theater, but generally the room is designed for a more multi-purpose use. Details may still include surround sound and designated seating but instead of viewing screens, an oversize television is used.  Also, the use of tables and chairs may be incorporated instead of actual theater seating.

Whether it is a Home Theater or Media Room, these spaces are ideal for watching block buster movies, your favorite childhood memories or the big game that only happens once a year. Here are some of our favorites!


This home theater ticks all the boxes. From raised seating to acoustic panels, this home theater is set up for the perfect movie night!

Riverbend Drive | listed with Deanna Mendenhall-Miller and Paula Kelley


Ample seating areas coupled with surround sound help create a media room that is ideal for watching the big game with family and friends.

Beals Chapel Road | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


While this lake community home has ample opportunities for outside fun, indoors is a home theater that is perfect for retreating from the outdoors and into your favorite movie!

Lighthouse Pointe Drive | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


Three tiers of seating coupled with “red carpet” painted walls help create an authentic theater experience while staying at home.

Choto Road | listed with Sandy Poe


This spacious home theater has ample room for a large viewing of the latest block buster! Elevated seating allows for every seat to be the best seat of the house.

Rudder Lane | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


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