Living in a Golf Community


Watching the US Open being played in California this past weekend (Congratulations to Gary Woodland!) was a complete treat for those who love golf.  Magnificent greens and views from Pebble Beach Golf Links have got us thinking about all the beautiful golf communities in our own beloved East Tennessee. From Vonore to Knoxville and up to Jonesborough, we have some beautiful homes located in fabulous golf communities that we would love to show you!


Laurel Trace in Blackthorn Golf Club at The Ridges

A picture perfect setting from the second hole of Blackthorn Golf Club in the Ridges Golf Community and also with some of East Tennessee’s most desirable rolling hillside views, this finely crafted luxury Georgian Colonial home is designed with excellence, superior craftsmanship and the highest quality materials and finishes. For more information about this home, contact Sandy Poe at 865.357.3232.

Bay Pointe Road in Rarity Bay on Tellico Lake

This exquisite custom built French Country Estate is located in the award winning golf community of Rarity Bay. From the spiral staircase in the two-story foyer to the incredible water and mountain views off of the back verandas, this home offers an extraordinary lifestyle that any homeowner would be lucky to have! For more information about this home, contact Angie Riedl at 865.357.3232.


Gettysvue Drive in Gettysview Polo, Golf and Country Club

Beautiful views of the mountains and golf course while conveniently located in West Knoxville, this home’s timeless design, open floor plan and patio overlooking the golf course offers great options for entertaining family and friends.  For more information about this home, contact Debbie Elliott-Sexton at 865.357.3232.


Lighthouse Pointe Drive in WindRiver

A desirable location in the gated community of Windriver and nestled on a double lot, this exquisite custom built home with stone swimming pool and hot tub offers breathtaking views of Tellico Lake and The Great Smoky Mountains! For more information about this home, contact Debbie Elliott-Sexton at 865.357.3232.




The Tennessean Residences

The Tennessean Residences


Perfectly situated alongside the city center’s largest public green space at World’s Fair Park, The Tennessean Residences offer discerning buyers an unrivaled opportunity in vibrant Downtown Knoxville.


This limited collection of luxury residences redefines the city’s standard in urban living, with contemporary style and superior finishes, such as floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.


Viking stainless steel appliances, solid surface counter tops with coordinating tile back splash create a cook’s kitchen with plenty of room for guests.


Natural light, city views, mountain views, and plenty of space create a wonderful master suite retreat.


Exceptional amenities include state of the art fitness center, the private Drawing Room (a place for fine spirits), gated private garage parking, dedicated private storage, valet parking and room service available and adjacent full-service restaurant.Southern Living named The Tennessean #1 as South’s Best Hotel for 2018 and  Forbes has ranked The Tennessean among the top 17 new hotels in the world in 2017.


Please contact Melinda Grimac with Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty at 865.357.3232 or on her cell 865.356.4178 for additional information or you may visit the website ( for The Tennessean Residences floor plans, photos and additional details.



How Pet-Loving Homes Can Still Sparkle

Having a tidy home and a dog or cat isn’t an impossible mission, nor does it need to be outrageously expensive. There are strategies you can use to maintain cleanliness without spending hours a day picking up after your pet or hundreds of dollars on expensive cleaners. Here are a few simple techniques to keep your house a pleasant environment without breaking the household budget.

Cleaning Up Fur

It may seem like your pet’s fur infiltrates your entire home, but it doesn’t have to. With the right cleaning methods and some inexpensive products, you can keep your floors and furniture shipshape. This might appear counter intuitive, but cleaning in multiple stages can prevent fur from escaping meticulous vacuuming. Initially try a sweep with an electrostatic mop or broom to attract the first layer of fur that might otherwise fly up into the air. For fur that’s really matted down, grab a pair of rubber gloves (or even a fabric softener sheet) and wipe away. You may be surprised by how much comes up easily with things you already have.

Tackling Dander

Pet dander is something we often overlook because it isn’t always visible, but it’s always there. We breathe it in, and while it can go unnoticed, it could be a cause of allergies in the home. The most effective way to clean up air quality, and your lungs, is with a filter. However, not all air filters are created equal, and you should aim for something with a MERV rating of 13, which will block 98 percent of detritus. Such filters catch dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, and pollen, as well as many other allergens. Be sure that your current air filtration unit can handle such a fine filter, and replace it regularly to keep the atmosphere in your house healthy.

Lingering Saliva

If you have a particularly lip-heavy canine, you may experience dog drool in the most unusual of places: under the bed, on the table, on every single piece of furniture, and sometimes on the ceilings themselves. Even wiping it away can leave residual stains behind, and using a regular sponge to get it up can be exhausting. Instead, grab a magic eraser or, if you don’t have any on hand, some dish soap mixed with warm water; both of these solutions should lift the remains easily and quickly. Just don’t be too vigorous in your scrubbing if you use a magic eraser, as they act like sandpaper and can remove the finish on your paint or wood.

Removing Odors

Nothing is worse than spraying an air freshener only to have it half-mask the smell of your pet lingering on the sofa or carpet. Keeping your pet washed and groomed is a good start to avoiding odors, but over-washing can be bad for their skin. So, throw everything into the washing machine, even if that means taking the covers off the cushions on your couch, and laundering your pet’s bed regularly, too. As with dander, having a good air filter will limit any unpleasant smells, and so will opening a window or two to air out your home periodically.

By having cleaning agents and maintaining other preventative measures, you can keep your house a clean, and pleasant place. There is no way to stop every accident from occurring since pets are unpredictable, but you can make picking up after them easier. Our animals bring so much to our lives, including love and joy alongside dirt and fur, but living with them will always outweigh the effort it takes to keep things neat and tidy.


Article courtesy of Medina James with Dog Etiquette

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Tips for Staging a Home to Sell

5 Effective Tips for Staging a Home to Sell


Home staging can make a world of difference when putting your home on the market. Regardless of how popular your neighborhood or fantastic your home is, if it isn’t staged well, it won’t impress potential buyers as much as it could. What exclusive buyers want is not only a home, but the lifestyle it offers. Here are some staging tips you should follow so buyers see your home in its best light.

Keep the colors neutral

A coat of paint might be in order prior to placing your home on the market. Although you might adore your bright orange accent wall, you have to be aware that not everybody else will. When choosing colors for refreshing your walls, you should stick to neutral tones. Not only is there certain elegance about these colors, but they also leave something to the imagination for potential buyers. The neutral shades of gray, beige, cream or white will allow them to picture their future home decorated in the colors and textures they prefer, and a neutral color palette can appeal to nearly anybody.


When staging your home, make sure you put away personal items, from your kids’ artwork to the copious amounts of shampoo bottles in your bath. These aren’t the things buyers will find attractive. It will only remind them of the fact that this is your home and it will make it harder for them to imagine themselves living in it. Furthermore, your kitchen and bathroom countertops should be cleared of everything but one or two decorative items. As far as your closets, cabinets, and drawers are concerned, about 20% of them should be empty and the things that remain inside them should be neat and tidy, so that they look spacious and appear to offer plenty of storage space for your buyers.

Create an Inviting Setting

Even though you want your home clean and decluttered for showings, you definitely don’t want it to look sterile. In fact, you should use various adornments to highlight its best features and comfort. You want the buyers to come into your home and imagine living there, snug on your sofa or wrapped up in that soft, white robe left casually in your bathroom. Your home should be the perfect combination of inviting and luxurious, which is something you can easily achieve with the right accessories. For example, the use of an area rug adds texture, warmth and softness to the room. If you opt for the finest antique Persian rugs, not only will you make your home polished, but also more luxurious and therefore more appealing to a high-end buyer.

Celebrate a Lifestyle


A specific lifestyle is one of the things that home buyers expect to come with the house, so make sure they experience it the moment they arrive. If your home’s highlight is a lavish pool, make sure your back yard is in perfect condition and your pool is clean and filled with water. If a bit of seclusion is a benefit of your home’s location, trim your bushes to just the right height to showcase the privacy they seek. If one of your property’s best features is the view, draw their attention to it by placing the outdoor furniture in just the perfect spot. Do it subtly, but don’t miss the opportunity to point out the best that your home can offer.

Keep it bright and breezy

A home with inadequate lighting can seem gloomy and dark, which can turn away anybody. Open your blinds or put light-weight curtains on your windows and let as much natural light as possible into your home. Turn all the lights on if you’re showing your home, so that there aren’t any dark corners. Plus, you can emphasize your home’s most beautiful features with good lighting. Another thing to keep in mind is odors. If your novice cook burnt the microwave popcorn or your pet seems to collect odors consider opening your windows for a while before buyers arrive. You can even bring in some fresh flowers or a scented candle, but with a discreet, natural scent.

If you want to sell your home at the best price and soon, stage it so that it looks like every home-buyer’s dream home. It may take some patience and creativity, but it will definitely be worth it.


About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. He has also contributed to numerous other lifestyle, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.


**All pictures posted are in homes currently on the market. Click on any photo for more information**


Part Barn & Part Condo – Meet the Barndominium

At Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty, we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to homes and the various lifestyles they provide. From quaint cottages to luxury lakefront living, there is a home to suit each and everyone’s preference. On a rare (unicorn sighting rare) occasion we get a home offering a lifestyle that we didn’t even know existed.

The Barndominium! This new type of home is part barn and part condo and originated from the mid-west. Usually located on large parcels of land, the barndominium takes the original design of a barn/storage building constructed out of metal then repurposes and redesigns the structure where owners can live and work while using the same structure as storage for large recreation vehicles like campers and boats.

Don’t let the outside deceive you. The barndominium is usually constructed out of high end materials with amenities galore! Gourmet kitchens, elevators, media rooms and game rooms are the norm. Barndominium interest has sprouted YouTube channels, Pintrest pages and more! Look and see what the buzz is all about!



Space for gathering, cooking and entertaining offers ample light and space to host gatherings both large and small.


Entertain all your fun-seekers both young and old by using your space for pool tables, pinball machines and theater seating!


Interior storage for all kinds of vehicles!


Separate living space can be used for a work shops, guest apartment or living quarters for property caretakers!


Truly a unique property offering an unique life-style! For more information or details, please click on any photo or call Sandy Poe at 865.207.0004



6 Useful Tips for Protecting Your Furniture When Moving House

We can all sometimes forget that furniture, no matter how small and light, can also get damaged in the process of moving. And, your furniture pieces, as well as other decorative accessories, deserve the same amount of attention as your electrical gadgets and appliances. Therefore, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind when the time for the move finally comes. After all, the entire content of your home definitely deserves some delicate handling.

Carry the furniture with someone’s help

Obviously, you may have to carry your furniture to the moving truck. And truth to be told, the biggest accidents and damages can occur even before your furniture and accessories are all packed up. Essentially, you need to make sure that you can carry your furniture to the truck without dropping it. For starters, try out different positions; carry your stuff high and low. Experiment with different angles so that you can find the best balance for transferring the items into the truck. You can’t do this on your own though! That said; make sure to ask a friend or the movers for help.

Never force your items through the door

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do when moving house, especially if you’re dealing with delicate or important pieces that you want to keep damage-free at all cost. It can be tempting to just use a bit more force to get everything through the door when it is obvious that such a move would actually work, but that also leaves room for tears and breakages. Essentially, you have two safe options. You can either take the door off its hinges or remove the glass from a big window in order to make way for bulkier yet valuable pieces of furniture.

Have some patience with the moving truck

The careful work you need to put into moving your furniture doesn’t end once you get everything out of the house. You also need to think about the organization inside the truck. Just like you should never force your items through the door, you should never force-fit the items inside the truck either. With the best Budget truck hire deals, you can get the most suitable vehicle for your needs, and then organize your belongings properly. Remember to pad the truck ends with something soft. Also, if you can’t fit everything properly in one go, it’s perfectly fine to make two trips.

Protect the furniture in the truck

Aside from padding the ends of the truck, and even using mattresses as support when necessary, you should also properly wrap and pad the furniture so that the pieces don’t get damaged in any way. You can use Styrofoam or some other soft items/materials to pad the furniture. Of course, don’t forget to wrap up the items you’re most concerned about. Bubble wrap is one of the safest options, especially when it comes to breakables, but you can also use plastic wrap or duvet covers if your main concern is chipping or dirt. Obviously, you can use boxes to pack up the smaller valuables. Make sure that all the doors and drawers are secured so that they don’t suddenly open up or slide, and hit the surrounding items.

Disassembling is a good option but…

If you can, you should always disassemble the larger pieces of furniture in order to protect them. When they’re packed in parts, there’s less chance for the items to get damaged, and it’s easier to store them inside the truck. However, even though this is a great solution for some larger furniture pieces, it’s important to remember that they also come with plenty of screws and other smaller bits and bobs that you need to store properly as well. So, if you’re going with the disassembling process, make sure that you don’t lose the tiny pieces!

What about moving artwork?

In case you have some valuable artwork ready to be moved together with your luxurious furniture, you should always wrap it thoroughly in bubble wrap. It would be best to opt for a moving company that specializes in artwork transport, but if that’s not the case, use the masking tape at the front to prevent the glass from breaking together with the bubble wrap. Put the art in the box and secure it so that it can’t move. Most importantly, keep the boxes with paintings in the upright position, as they should never be laid flat in the moving truck. You may be able to handle the move on your own, but if you really want to ensure complete safety of your valuable items and your nicer furniture pieces, it would be best to rely on professionals, or at least friends who know what they’re doing during the moving process.

About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger, DIY enthusiast and sustainability buff from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, real estate and eco blogs, always on the lookout for new ideas and the latest trends in these fields.

Extraordinary Home of the Week

Healing Bluff

Elegance with modern design combine to create Healing Bluff-a rustic mid-century chalet recently featured in Southern Home magazine. Where stunning views of the Tennessee River Gorge vistas restore and heal the soul.



Resting at the edge of the bluff, this 6 acre Elder Mountain estate is surrounded by mountain laurel, immense moss-covered boulders and two streams offering total privacy.



Designed by the renowned Chattanooga architect, Klalus-Peter Nentwig, this incredible home has two stories of towering glass that frame amazing sunsets. This mountain home’s stacked stone fireplace and wood ceilings offer an organic yet modern element as well.



The sleek contemporary kitchen features mid-century reproductions, luxury appliances, designer fixtures and an exquisite selection of marble to serve as the focal point.


A main level master retreat with study provides expansive views and offers complete and luxurious privacy.



Among the many noted features of this property are the multi-purpose rooms with serene views;  the 24′ vaulted ceiling; the spiral staircase leading to the upper loft and bridge walk; media room; terrace level private quest suite; porte cochere; heated in-ground pool and tennis court, just to name a few.

Healing Bluff is located in a private, gated community that nurtures a sense of seclusion yet is only minutes from downtown Chattanooga where you can take in all the conveniences of city living. From the rustic California redwood cedar exterior to the understated glamour inside, there is remarkable attention to detail throughout…one you truly have to experience.


For more details about this extraordinary home, please click any photo for more information. To schedule a private showing, please contact Sandy Poe at the office 865.357.3232 or her mobile 865.207.0004


Extraordinary Feature of the Week | The Master Suite

Extraordinary Feature of the Week | The Master Suite

Your master bedroom is the room you spend the most time in at home. It is a place to rejuvenate, rest and reconnect. 


A master suite fireplace conjures up feelings of romance. This fireplace is a beautiful focal point and this master is spacious enough to allow a sitting area while keeping an intimate feel. The adjoining master bath has its own focal point with an over-sized window above the bath and separate vanities providing ample space for two to prep for the day!


Choto Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | listed with Sandy Poe 


This master suite offers water views and makes every morning a good one! Expansive French doors to a private balcony and windows allow the sun to flood the entire room. Views of the water continue into the bath with a jetted tub to take your stress away.

Jackson Bend Drive | Louisville, Tennessee | listed with Jenny Snodgrass and Julia Jubran


Views of mature trees and lush grounds can provide a reprieve like only nature can. This master suite appears to be resting up in the trees and creates a space that is both lovely and peaceful. The claw foot tub in this master bath is ideal for long soaks at the end of the day.

George Lovelace Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | listed with Whitney Ray-Dawson


This bedroom has been designed to specifically take-in the views of the lake and mountains! Take advantage of the deck just steps from your bed to either enjoy morning coffee or late night aperitifs.  An incredible over-sized shower with multiple shower heads will help wake you up and invigorate so you can charge the day.

Riverbend Drive | Dandridge, Tennessee | listed with Deanna Mendenhall-Miller and Paula Kelley


This master suite’s more elegant looks is achieved with the arc of the ceiling and the beautifully arched windows. Surrounded by mature trees, this master suite is both soothing and relaxing. The master bath is elegant as well with beautiful cabinetry and delicate lighting.

Rudder Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


*For more information about any of these featured homes, please click on the photos or call 865.357.3232*



Extraordinary Property of the Week Scenic Shores

Riverbend Drive in Scenic Shores

This beautiful Scenic Shores custom home rests at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains on a three acre parcel of land and is ideally located in a small cove off Douglas Lake’s main channel.  Sweeping views of the water; the mountain backdrop; and extensive landscaping all offer a visual treat.


Outdoor entertainment is a breeze on the rear stone patio. Prep meals and dine al fresco using the outdoor kitchen or enjoy late night s’mores and aperitifs around a fabulous fire pit.



Opportunities to play are ample with a beautiful in-ground pool and a lakefront recreation area outfitted with a covered boat dock including two boat and two jet-ski slips.



The interior of this beautiful lakefront home is as spectacular as the exterior. The two-story living room does not disappoint with floor to ceiling windows and stack stone fireplace. Ample natural light flood this open space making it warm and inviting to all who enter.


The open and spacious kitchen creates an ideal place to prepare meals for family and friends. Custom cabinetry, granite counters, stainless appliances and large island are a few of the components to this wonderful space.


A grand and spacious master  is on the main level. Imagine waking up to these incredible and expansive views of the water and mountains! A fireplace and a quiet space to recline help create a retreat that any home owner would cherish.



Whether a full time residence or vacation retreat, this home is an incredible find! Call Deanna or Paula at 865.357.3232 to schedule a private tour of this magnificent East Tennessee home and see, first hand, what a beautiful place it is.

*please click on any photo for more detailed information


Extraordinary Feature of the Day | Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Extraordinary Feature of the Day | Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Media Rooms and Home Theaters are rooms that are similar in purpose but not necessarily in design. A home theater is built to recreate a true cinematic experience. Screening equipment, ambient lighting, acoustics and strategic seating are all components of a well planned and thought out home theater. The desire to recreate an authentic movie viewing experience is in the designation and details of the room.

A media room may have many or some of the components of a home theater, but generally the room is designed for a more multi-purpose use. Details may still include surround sound and designated seating but instead of viewing screens, an oversize television is used.  Also, the use of tables and chairs may be incorporated instead of actual theater seating.

Whether it is a Home Theater or Media Room, these spaces are ideal for watching block buster movies, your favorite childhood memories or the big game that only happens once a year. Here are some of our favorites!


This home theater ticks all the boxes. From raised seating to acoustic panels, this home theater is set up for the perfect movie night!

Riverbend Drive | listed with Deanna Mendenhall-Miller and Paula Kelley


Ample seating areas coupled with surround sound help create a media room that is ideal for watching the big game with family and friends.

Beals Chapel Road | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


While this lake community home has ample opportunities for outside fun, indoors is a home theater that is perfect for retreating from the outdoors and into your favorite movie!

Lighthouse Pointe Drive | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


Three tiers of seating coupled with “red carpet” painted walls help create an authentic theater experience while staying at home.

Choto Road | listed with Sandy Poe


This spacious home theater has ample room for a large viewing of the latest block buster! Elevated seating allows for every seat to be the best seat of the house.

Rudder Lane | listed with Debbie Elliott-Sexton


For more information about any of these featured homes, please click on the photo or call 865.357.3232