Notable Sales

Notable Sales | April 2019

Duncan Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Whitney Ray-Dawson


Sheffield Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl


Rudder Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright



Villa Forest Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Amy Moody


Boxwood Square | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Melinda Grimac


Palm Beach Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright


Forest Heights Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl


Congratulations to all of our agents on a great month!




The Tennessean Residences

The Tennessean Residences


Perfectly situated alongside the city center’s largest public green space at World’s Fair Park, The Tennessean Residences offer discerning buyers an unrivaled opportunity in vibrant Downtown Knoxville.


This limited collection of luxury residences redefines the city’s standard in urban living, with contemporary style and superior finishes, such as floor-to-ceiling windows throughout.


Viking stainless steel appliances, solid surface counter tops with coordinating tile back splash create a cook’s kitchen with plenty of room for guests.


Natural light, city views, mountain views, and plenty of space create a wonderful master suite retreat.


Exceptional amenities include state of the art fitness center, the private Drawing Room (a place for fine spirits), gated private garage parking, dedicated private storage, valet parking and room service available and adjacent full-service restaurant.Southern Living named The Tennessean #1 as South’s Best Hotel for 2018 and  Forbes has ranked The Tennessean among the top 17 new hotels in the world in 2017.


Please contact Melinda Grimac with Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty at 865.357.3232 or on her cell 865.356.4178 for additional information or you may visit the website ( for The Tennessean Residences floor plans, photos and additional details.



Extraordinary Agent of the Week

Jen Dunn


Jen takes pride in cultivating relationships that allow her to understand what each client is looking for and is excited to be given the opportunity to find the right home for you. Fostering a love of building relationships came from her experience working with military families in the office of Morale, Welfare and Recreation in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  With a keen eye for detail and a love of architecture, Jen looks forward to establishing a relationship with her clients while searching for their new home.

Jen Dunn is a life-long resident of Knoxville and brings a wealth of knowledge about our surrounding community.  She is a graduate of Webb School of Knoxville, and attended Radford University in Virginia where she earned a Bachelor of Science.  Jen is a member of the United Way of Greater Knoxville Women of Tocqueville; a board member of the Knoxville Museum of Art; and recently co-chaired the American Heart Association Heart Gala in 2016.  Jen is married to Greg and they have 4 children.

Contact Jen by calling the office 865.357.3232 or Jen’s cell 865.805.9871


Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Take inspiration from some of these gardens and consider planning your own on this Earth Day. What better way to celebrate Mother Earth than to make every day Earth Day with nurturing and cultivating your own beautiful garden?









Notable Sales

March 2019


Westcliff Court | Harriman, Tennessee | sold by Dakotah Brown



Rigsby Gap Road | Pikeville, Tennessee | sold by Sandy Poe



Abners Ridge Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Whitney Ray-Dawson



South Ninth Street | Watauga, Tennessee | sold by Sandy Poe



Windingbrooke Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Annie Turner


Congratulations to all of our agents on a great month!

Extraordinary Agent of the Week

Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth’s goal is to provide a pleasant and enlightening experience for each of her clients in their real estate needs. Her professional experience, appetite for knowledge, and attentiveness to detail help ensure that each transaction runs smoothly. Whether selling a beloved home to start the next chapter of life or finding the perfect new home, she is committed to enhancing the real estate experience and the protecting her client’s interests every step of the way. She has been a trusted real estate professional in the Knoxville area since 2007.

Elizabeth’s has consistently been a top producer, closing multi-millions of dollars in transactions each year. These sales range from large estates / lakefront homes to simpler neighborhood   homes / condos to vacant land for building. The price points of each property vary, but the level of impeccable service stays the same. She is Green Certified, an Accredited Buyer Representative and is Short Sale and Foreclosure Certified. A member of Knoxville Association of Realtors, Tennessee Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors, she is excited to be working with Sotheby’s International Realty in providing local expertise with worldwide reach.

Elizabeth has lived in Knoxville for 24 years, with a brief residency in South Barrington, Illinois. She grew up in Oxford, MS, spending her college and graduate school years at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Vanderbilt with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 1996. Her husband, Andrew, is CEO of Wright Brothers Construction of Knoxville, and Elizabeth is well versed in new home construction and all the details that go with it! They currently reside lakefront in West Knoxville and have 5 teenage and young adult children.


– New Construction

– Lakefront Properties

– Luxury Properties

– Relocation

– Lot/Land Purchase and Sale

Elizabeth actively supports Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knox Area Rescue Ministries, and Wears Valley Ranch. She is on the Board of Directors at Wears Valley Ranch and on the HOA board of the Jacksonian Condos downtown.

You can contact Elizabeth at the office 865.357.3232 or on her cell 865.712.1743.

How Pet-Loving Homes Can Still Sparkle

Having a tidy home and a dog or cat isn’t an impossible mission, nor does it need to be outrageously expensive. There are strategies you can use to maintain cleanliness without spending hours a day picking up after your pet or hundreds of dollars on expensive cleaners. Here are a few simple techniques to keep your house a pleasant environment without breaking the household budget.

Cleaning Up Fur

It may seem like your pet’s fur infiltrates your entire home, but it doesn’t have to. With the right cleaning methods and some inexpensive products, you can keep your floors and furniture shipshape. This might appear counter intuitive, but cleaning in multiple stages can prevent fur from escaping meticulous vacuuming. Initially try a sweep with an electrostatic mop or broom to attract the first layer of fur that might otherwise fly up into the air. For fur that’s really matted down, grab a pair of rubber gloves (or even a fabric softener sheet) and wipe away. You may be surprised by how much comes up easily with things you already have.

Tackling Dander

Pet dander is something we often overlook because it isn’t always visible, but it’s always there. We breathe it in, and while it can go unnoticed, it could be a cause of allergies in the home. The most effective way to clean up air quality, and your lungs, is with a filter. However, not all air filters are created equal, and you should aim for something with a MERV rating of 13, which will block 98 percent of detritus. Such filters catch dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, and pollen, as well as many other allergens. Be sure that your current air filtration unit can handle such a fine filter, and replace it regularly to keep the atmosphere in your house healthy.

Lingering Saliva

If you have a particularly lip-heavy canine, you may experience dog drool in the most unusual of places: under the bed, on the table, on every single piece of furniture, and sometimes on the ceilings themselves. Even wiping it away can leave residual stains behind, and using a regular sponge to get it up can be exhausting. Instead, grab a magic eraser or, if you don’t have any on hand, some dish soap mixed with warm water; both of these solutions should lift the remains easily and quickly. Just don’t be too vigorous in your scrubbing if you use a magic eraser, as they act like sandpaper and can remove the finish on your paint or wood.

Removing Odors

Nothing is worse than spraying an air freshener only to have it half-mask the smell of your pet lingering on the sofa or carpet. Keeping your pet washed and groomed is a good start to avoiding odors, but over-washing can be bad for their skin. So, throw everything into the washing machine, even if that means taking the covers off the cushions on your couch, and laundering your pet’s bed regularly, too. As with dander, having a good air filter will limit any unpleasant smells, and so will opening a window or two to air out your home periodically.

By having cleaning agents and maintaining other preventative measures, you can keep your house a clean, and pleasant place. There is no way to stop every accident from occurring since pets are unpredictable, but you can make picking up after them easier. Our animals bring so much to our lives, including love and joy alongside dirt and fur, but living with them will always outweigh the effort it takes to keep things neat and tidy.


Article courtesy of Medina James with Dog Etiquette

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Extraordinary Agent of the Week

Patti Williams

Patti Williams has been living in Tennessee with her family for over a decade. With a business degree and several years of experience in customer service with a Fortune 500 company, Patti’s specialty of top-rated client care within the real estate industry earns credibility with her clients in the process of buying and selling their homes.

Patti continually provides above standard real estate services while her clients receive personalized attention throughout the home buying and selling process. Along with her superior customer satisfaction approach, she uses state-of-the-art Marketing Methodologies which optimizes a seller’s listing with features that sell the home fast while maintaining the highest attainable value.

During her free time Patti enjoys playing tennis, hiking in the beautiful Smokey Mountains, and boating with her husband on Knoxville’s scenic lakes.


You can contact Patti by calling the office 865.357.3232 or Patti’s cell 865.851.5067


Tips for Staging a Home to Sell

5 Effective Tips for Staging a Home to Sell


Home staging can make a world of difference when putting your home on the market. Regardless of how popular your neighborhood or fantastic your home is, if it isn’t staged well, it won’t impress potential buyers as much as it could. What exclusive buyers want is not only a home, but the lifestyle it offers. Here are some staging tips you should follow so buyers see your home in its best light.

Keep the colors neutral

A coat of paint might be in order prior to placing your home on the market. Although you might adore your bright orange accent wall, you have to be aware that not everybody else will. When choosing colors for refreshing your walls, you should stick to neutral tones. Not only is there certain elegance about these colors, but they also leave something to the imagination for potential buyers. The neutral shades of gray, beige, cream or white will allow them to picture their future home decorated in the colors and textures they prefer, and a neutral color palette can appeal to nearly anybody.


When staging your home, make sure you put away personal items, from your kids’ artwork to the copious amounts of shampoo bottles in your bath. These aren’t the things buyers will find attractive. It will only remind them of the fact that this is your home and it will make it harder for them to imagine themselves living in it. Furthermore, your kitchen and bathroom countertops should be cleared of everything but one or two decorative items. As far as your closets, cabinets, and drawers are concerned, about 20% of them should be empty and the things that remain inside them should be neat and tidy, so that they look spacious and appear to offer plenty of storage space for your buyers.

Create an Inviting Setting

Even though you want your home clean and decluttered for showings, you definitely don’t want it to look sterile. In fact, you should use various adornments to highlight its best features and comfort. You want the buyers to come into your home and imagine living there, snug on your sofa or wrapped up in that soft, white robe left casually in your bathroom. Your home should be the perfect combination of inviting and luxurious, which is something you can easily achieve with the right accessories. For example, the use of an area rug adds texture, warmth and softness to the room. If you opt for the finest antique Persian rugs, not only will you make your home polished, but also more luxurious and therefore more appealing to a high-end buyer.

Celebrate a Lifestyle


A specific lifestyle is one of the things that home buyers expect to come with the house, so make sure they experience it the moment they arrive. If your home’s highlight is a lavish pool, make sure your back yard is in perfect condition and your pool is clean and filled with water. If a bit of seclusion is a benefit of your home’s location, trim your bushes to just the right height to showcase the privacy they seek. If one of your property’s best features is the view, draw their attention to it by placing the outdoor furniture in just the perfect spot. Do it subtly, but don’t miss the opportunity to point out the best that your home can offer.

Keep it bright and breezy

A home with inadequate lighting can seem gloomy and dark, which can turn away anybody. Open your blinds or put light-weight curtains on your windows and let as much natural light as possible into your home. Turn all the lights on if you’re showing your home, so that there aren’t any dark corners. Plus, you can emphasize your home’s most beautiful features with good lighting. Another thing to keep in mind is odors. If your novice cook burnt the microwave popcorn or your pet seems to collect odors consider opening your windows for a while before buyers arrive. You can even bring in some fresh flowers or a scented candle, but with a discreet, natural scent.

If you want to sell your home at the best price and soon, stage it so that it looks like every home-buyer’s dream home. It may take some patience and creativity, but it will definitely be worth it.


About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. He has also contributed to numerous other lifestyle, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.


**All pictures posted are in homes currently on the market. Click on any photo for more information**

Notable Sales

Notable Sales | February 2019

West Gallaher Ferry Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton


Mossy Rock Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl


Bald Cypress Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright


Cherokee Bluff Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton 


Scenic Point Channel | Louisville, Tennessee | sold by Melinda Grimac

Congratulations to all our agents on a great month!