How Pet-Loving Homes Can Still Sparkle

Having a tidy home and a dog or cat isn’t an impossible mission, nor does it need to be outrageously expensive. There are strategies you can use to maintain cleanliness without spending hours a day picking up after your pet or hundreds of dollars on expensive cleaners. Here are a few simple techniques to keep your house a pleasant environment without breaking the household budget.

Cleaning Up Fur

It may seem like your pet’s fur infiltrates your entire home, but it doesn’t have to. With the right cleaning methods and some inexpensive products, you can keep your floors and furniture shipshape. This might appear counter intuitive, but cleaning in multiple stages can prevent fur from escaping meticulous vacuuming. Initially try a sweep with an electrostatic mop or broom to attract the first layer of fur that might otherwise fly up into the air. For fur that’s really matted down, grab a pair of rubber gloves (or even a fabric softener sheet) and wipe away. You may be surprised by how much comes up easily with things you already have.

Tackling Dander

Pet dander is something we often overlook because it isn’t always visible, but it’s always there. We breathe it in, and while it can go unnoticed, it could be a cause of allergies in the home. The most effective way to clean up air quality, and your lungs, is with a filter. However, not all air filters are created equal, and you should aim for something with a MERV rating of 13, which will block 98 percent of detritus. Such filters catch dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, and pollen, as well as many other allergens. Be sure that your current air filtration unit can handle such a fine filter, and replace it regularly to keep the atmosphere in your house healthy.

Lingering Saliva

If you have a particularly lip-heavy canine, you may experience dog drool in the most unusual of places: under the bed, on the table, on every single piece of furniture, and sometimes on the ceilings themselves. Even wiping it away can leave residual stains behind, and using a regular sponge to get it up can be exhausting. Instead, grab a magic eraser or, if you don’t have any on hand, some dish soap mixed with warm water; both of these solutions should lift the remains easily and quickly. Just don’t be too vigorous in your scrubbing if you use a magic eraser, as they act like sandpaper and can remove the finish on your paint or wood.

Removing Odors

Nothing is worse than spraying an air freshener only to have it half-mask the smell of your pet lingering on the sofa or carpet. Keeping your pet washed and groomed is a good start to avoiding odors, but over-washing can be bad for their skin. So, throw everything into the washing machine, even if that means taking the covers off the cushions on your couch, and laundering your pet’s bed regularly, too. As with dander, having a good air filter will limit any unpleasant smells, and so will opening a window or two to air out your home periodically.

By having cleaning agents and maintaining other preventative measures, you can keep your house a clean, and pleasant place. There is no way to stop every accident from occurring since pets are unpredictable, but you can make picking up after them easier. Our animals bring so much to our lives, including love and joy alongside dirt and fur, but living with them will always outweigh the effort it takes to keep things neat and tidy.


Article courtesy of Medina James with Dog Etiquette

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Notable Sales May 2017

May 2017 Notable Sales

New Tazewell 035

Highway 33 South | New Tazewell, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright

R3 Aerial

2228 Lake Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Jenny Snodgrass


1116 Ingleside Avenue | Athens, Tennessee | sold by Ellen Fernandes and Elizabeth Wright

A1 9819ColbyStation-3.EdittedBlog

9819 Colby Station Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Cope


1500 Willow Field Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Walt Gilbertson


1225 Ansley Woods Way | Knoxville. Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton

Reside 2017


Where you live is more than just the location of your home – it’s where you choose to experience life, pursue inspiration, and connect with your passions. It is where you RESIDE.

As the signature publication of the Sotheby’s International Realty® network, RESIDE magazine speaks to the life enthusiast and celebrates the fusion of home, art, and living.

Through a roster of connoisseurs, RESIDE provides insight into everything from the latest travel destinations to outstanding design, art, culture, and fresh gourmet trends. In addition, each issue of RESIDE features an exclusive gallery of extraordinary homes represented by the Sotheby’s International Realty network.

We welcome you to be inspired by our first issue of the new RESIDE Magazine.


Reside Magazine

Notable Sales March 2017

Notable Sales March 2017

Jackson Pointe Dr.3654

Jackson Pointe | Louisville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl


Heathwood Bend | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Cope

Stone House 001

Stone House Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright


Cherokee Boulevard | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl

Hemlock Road

Hemlock Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Brooke Dill

An Extraordinary Year!

“During a year when the words “slowdown” and “slump” were used to describe the luxury housing market, 2016 turned out to be a banner year for Sotheby’s International Realty” – CNBC


Sotheby’s International Realty® announced record global sales of $95 Billion for 2016 with the U.S. market place carrying most of that share with sales totally $85 Billion. 



70 Countries | Territories

880 Offices

20,000 Sales Associates

Expansion in 2016 occurred in






Hawaii and more!

International Connections. Local Insight.

Some of our Favorites

There are so many beautiful homes in East Tennessee. Homes with rooms that make you feel at ease. Views that make you gasp. Homes that have an essence that draws you in. Homes where you can see your self moving right in! Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty has had the honor to offer up some of our areas most captivating homes. Here is only a slight sampling of some of our favorite spaces and views!

Lyons View Drive

This grand home in West Knoxville is one of our favorites! The scale of the entry coupled with this water feature gives a clue to the glamour of the home’s interior.

ShoreDriveEast_319East Shore Drive, Rockwood

The view from the top of this staircase is a showcase of design. The details in a home that can be the most beautiful are not always the most obvious.

Forest Creek Lane, Ootlewah

This master bath (home currently on the market) is truly decadent in design, amenities, size and scale.

Ingleside Drive, Athens

This home’s (currently on the market) covered porch and path to the formal gardens below showcase our incredible seasonal foliage.

2175 Appleby Road (52 of 115)
Appleby Road, Greenback

This kitchen is just the place for every family member and guest to congregate and enjoy the food as well as the conversation!


Lyons View Pike

Again, small details in the home sometimes give the sweetest gift. This small window offering an incredible view of the vast mountains of East Tennessee along with the Tennessee River.


Hawk View Road, Townsend

This home’s (currently on the market) ability to create a place where all who enter feel a part of the magnificent scenery surrounding the property. It’s as if you were to dine among the clouds!

Scott Mansion

Scott Mansion Road, Tellico Plains

Time can cease to exist on this incredible front porch! Relaxing and enjoying the days and evenings as if they would never end.


Cumberland Road, Signal Mountain

This mountain top home is magical. Resting high with views that go on for days, this home is so inviting!  You feel you are about to step into your own personal fairy tale!

We absolutely love what we do and are so fortunate to be able to showcase the beautiful homes of East Tennessee!  

Notable Sales January 2017

Notable Sales January 2017


Summit Trails Drive | Sevierville, Tennessee | sold by Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

Scott Mansion 001

Scott Mansion Road | Tellico Plains, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright


Forest Oak Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Whitney Ray-Dawson and Angie Riedl

A 14-JQ1A6568_HDR

Cougar Crossing Way | Sevierville, Tennessee | sold by Paula Kelley and Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

2016 Notable Sales

What makes a sale notable? Is it the price paid? Days on the market?

While market price and marketability are notable traits, we find that most homes are notable for the intangible as well as the tangible.

Unique. Historic. View. Location. Design. Here are a few of our favorite notable home sales from 2016. Congratulations to all of our agents on a great year!

Main St Greeneville 050 Front 2

Main Street in Greeneville, Tennessee


Culver Place in Butler, Tennessee

129 Gay

Gay Street in Downtown Knoxville

2175 Appleby Road (52 of 115)

Appleby Road in Greenback, Tennessee


Tower Road in Sevierville, Tennessee


Clematis Drive in Hixson, Tennessee


Badgett Road in Knoxville, Tennessee


Mallard Bay in Knoxville, Tennessee


Lyons View Drive in Knoxville, Tennessee


Holston Heights in Knoxville, Tennessee


Big Dry Run in Butler, Tennessee


Eleanor Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee


White Oak Avenue in Maryville, Tennessee


Glenwood Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee


Bell Mill Road in Ootlewah, Tennessee

Apple TV & Sotheby’s International Realty

Apple TV

Sotheby’s International Realty has, again, elevated the home buying experience.  The Sotheby’s International Realty app from the Apple TV app store is now available to download on any 4th generation Apple TV. While viewing homes can be an isolated and individual experience on your cell phone, tablet or computer, this free app allows your search to become a more unique and  shared experience with family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

Apple TV 2

The Sotheby’s International Realty app allows viewers to see high resolution, professional photographs and videos of  homes all over the world displayed in high definition. Homes can be viewed from the eGallery which rotates exceptional properties from our national and international markets. You may also search for homes through filters such as lifestyle, location or even price. Found a home that you love and can’t wait to share with your significant other? Select as your “favorite” for quick and easy future reference. You may also share the property via email, or request more information directly from the agent.

Apple TV 3


Powered by the amazing visuals produced by our local affiliates the world over, the Sotheby’s International Realty Apple TV app allows you to experience a premium real estate experience unlike any other.


Notable Sales November 2016

Notable Sales November 2016

Eleanor Street  in 4th & Gill | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Cope
Chiswick Road in Whittington Creek | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Walt Gilbertson
2175 Appleby Road (95 of 115)
Appleby Road | Greenback, Tennessee | sold by Jenny Snodgrass
Charlottesville Boulevard in Jefferson Park | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton and Blake Pruitt
Hailes Abbey 9121 029
Hailes Abbey Lane in Whittington Creek | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright
Culver Place | Butler, Tennessee | sold by Sandy Poe