Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Tamsen DiChiara

A love of helping people to achieve goals and realize dreams is what led Tamsen Grigonis DiChiara into her first career of nutrition, health and wellness. A graduate of the University of Virginia and James Madison University, Tamsen spent years coaching people to reach fitness and nutrition goals before moving on to work with patients in hospitals in Charlottesville and Philadelphia and helping them to regain health after illness.

Moving to Knoxville, Tamsen realized that she could marry her love for helping others to her love of homes. Having lived in several parts of the United States before finally landing in this wonderful city, Tamsen knows that to make a house a “home” is to find happiness in that space and to make it your own.

Whether it’s your dream home, first home or somewhere in between, let Tamsen bring her enthusiasm and genuine passion to help you in your journey to find your next home.

To contact Tamsen, please call the office 865.357.3232 or her cell 865.356.1183

Extraordinary Agent of the Day | Theresa Carnathan

Theresa Carnathan has seen positive growth and change in the real estate industry.  She has been in the residential real estate market for over 25 years helping clients buy and sell homes. A Knoxville native and a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Theresa’s roots run deep with her support of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Clarence Brown Theater and Kingston Pike Sequoyah Hills Association.

Theresa brings her wealth of knowledge to each transaction and takes great joy in helping Sellers and Buyers reach their goals in a professional manner.  Treasured friendships with clients from past transactions are the result of her successful representation!


To reach Theresa, please call our office 865.357.3232 or Theresa’s cell 865.548.6097

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Debbie Elliott-Sexton

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Debbie Elliott-Sexton

For me there’s no greater reward than making a positive impact on the life of another. I have made real estate my career because of the benefits of helping others. To navigate the complex decisions involved in today’s real estate market requires the guidance of a professional. I am committed to service with an emphasis on accountability, reliability, timeliness and enthusiasm. Providing all the information necessary to make real estate investment decisions throughout the changing market cycles is something I take pride in.

As a leading real estate professional in Knoxville, I took my career – and the real estate industry – to a higher level by opening the doors to Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty. I felt that the Knoxville real estate market was in need of a higher standard in luxury properties and communities. Sotheby’s International Realty is a world-wide leader in marketing and selling exceptional properties and I am proud to bring Knoxville into that equation. Our agency has become home to many of the area’s premier agents who are attracted to the unique marketing and brand awareness that Sotheby’s International Realty provides.

Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touch and positive results. A home is not a home because of its room dimensions or the color of the walls. It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door, the way you can instantly envision your life unfolding there. This is about more than real estate. It is about your life and your dreams. Our brand works to utilize the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations.

I love helping other people achieve success. Whether it’s helping a client find the perfect home or helping my agents build their businesses, there’s nothing more rewarding and inspiring to me than making an impact on people’s lives.

Get in the Groove, it’s Time to Move

Your home staging plan worked, you’re under contract, and now a new family will soon be living in your home. But between packing, making arrangements at the new place, and entertaining the kids, it can be exhausting. Here are a few tips to help you get through moving day with your sanity intact:

Pack an overnight bag. Even if you arrive at your new home the same day of your move, chances are, you’ll be too tired to dig through your bags and boxes for necessities. Pack an overnight bag that includes toiletries, medication, pajamas, clean clothes for the next day, personal electronics, and chargers. Beagles & Bargains recommends packing your dog’s regular food and water bowls to help minimize anxiety.

Let the kids help. Depending on your children’s ages, they can actually be a big help. Give them a special job to complete, if for no other reason than to keep them busy and out of harm’s way while the movers are on site. Young children can be given a laundry basket full of unmatched socks or ask to fold towels while you’re busy in other areas. Older kids should be put in charge of watching younger siblings or making sure the car is packed with your overnight bags. For the road trip that follows, help your kids beat boredom with these 13 ideas from The Spruce.

Keep your pets out of the way. If you have teens, they can keep watch on the dog, too. Give them a list of responsibilities that includes keeping your pet behind closed doors and out from under foot of the movers. Have your teen provide lots of extra snuggles and physical activity for your pet during the move. Another option is to book a day at a doggy day care or overnight boarding facility.

Color code everything. You can make moving a much simpler process by ensuring boxes with personal items that belong together are color-coded. For example, those that go in your bedroom are taped with green while boxes that belong in the kitchen are sealed with white tape.

Put aside papers and valuables. There are certain things you don’t want in the moving truck. Items of high sentimental value, such as irreplaceable photos and family heirlooms, should be kept with you at all times. Additionally, keep within your reach birth certificates, financial information, medication, Social Security cards, medical documents, and any other forms of identification or documentation you may need. Updater.com notes that valuables, such as expensive jewelry, should be stored in a bank vault if you’re moving locally. This also applies to cash and credit/debit cards.

Relax and have fun. Perhaps most importantly, take steps to keep yourself and your family calm and relaxed. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of moving into a new home and forget that not everyone – especially young children – can keep up a steady pace without a break. Take some time to make the move a fun and positive experience for the entire family and you’ll be less stressed throughout the entire process. Stop for ice cream, visit a few offbeat attractions along the way, and make the drive a bonding experience by playing games, singing songs, and enjoying your family’s company.

It’s no doubt that moving can be overwhelming. And the larger your property, the tougher the logistics. But if you take the time to plan ahead, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand once moving day arrives. So relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.

Image via Pixabay

Article provided by Medina at DogEtiquette.info

Extraordinary Agent of the Week | Amy Moody

Amy Moody | Extraordinary Agent of the Week

Knoxville has been Amy Moody’s lifelong home. She graduated from The University of Tennessee with a BS and Master’s degree. After careers in both education and advertising, Amy began her work in real estate. It’s an industry she grew up around as the daughter of a real estate agent and where she has seen personal success as both a Top and a Multi-Million Dollar Producer.

Accessibility and client care set Amy Moody apart. Amy’s clients receive a great deal of hands-on attention with quick responses to phone calls, texts or emails. This individual focus allows Amy to build personal relationships quickly and permits Amy to truly provide what her clients want and need. Rewards come not only in industry recognition, but also in witnessing the look on her client’s face when they have found what they have been searching for!

Amy is married with 2 children and enjoys spending most of her free time watching her children’s sporting events and spending her time with her family and friends!



Notable Sales June 2017

Notable Sales June 2017

Scenic Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Melinda Grimic

Leadenhall Gardens Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton

Emerson Park Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Tamsen Grigonis, Deanna Mendenhall-Miller and Paula Kelley

Forest Hills Boulevard | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl

Andalusian Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Jenny Snodgrass

Andalusian Way | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright

Notable Sales April 2017

Notable Sales April 2017


Weatherstone Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton

A4 7208Dogwood-20

Dogwood Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl

A IMG_1660_HDR

Lennox View | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

Chota Landing

Chota Landing | Loudon, Tennessee | sold by Walt Gilbertson

Hollingsfield Drive

Hollingsfield Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Paula Kelley


Forest Heights Road | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl

Notable Sales February 2017

Notable Sales February 2017


Stone Villa Lane | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Debbie Elliott-Sexton and Blake Pruitt


Woodhill Place | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Angie Riedl

Updated 3816 Keowee

Keowee Avenue | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Jenny Snodgrass


Connie Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Walt Gilbertson

Some of our Favorites

There are so many beautiful homes in East Tennessee. Homes with rooms that make you feel at ease. Views that make you gasp. Homes that have an essence that draws you in. Homes where you can see your self moving right in! Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty has had the honor to offer up some of our areas most captivating homes. Here is only a slight sampling of some of our favorite spaces and views!

Lyons View Drive

This grand home in West Knoxville is one of our favorites! The scale of the entry coupled with this water feature gives a clue to the glamour of the home’s interior.

ShoreDriveEast_319East Shore Drive, Rockwood

The view from the top of this staircase is a showcase of design. The details in a home that can be the most beautiful are not always the most obvious.

Forest Creek Lane, Ootlewah

This master bath (home currently on the market) is truly decadent in design, amenities, size and scale.

Ingleside Drive, Athens

This home’s (currently on the market) covered porch and path to the formal gardens below showcase our incredible seasonal foliage.

2175 Appleby Road (52 of 115)
Appleby Road, Greenback

This kitchen is just the place for every family member and guest to congregate and enjoy the food as well as the conversation!


Lyons View Pike

Again, small details in the home sometimes give the sweetest gift. This small window offering an incredible view of the vast mountains of East Tennessee along with the Tennessee River.


Hawk View Road, Townsend

This home’s (currently on the market) ability to create a place where all who enter feel a part of the magnificent scenery surrounding the property. It’s as if you were to dine among the clouds!

Scott Mansion

Scott Mansion Road, Tellico Plains

Time can cease to exist on this incredible front porch! Relaxing and enjoying the days and evenings as if they would never end.


Cumberland Road, Signal Mountain

This mountain top home is magical. Resting high with views that go on for days, this home is so inviting!  You feel you are about to step into your own personal fairy tale!

We absolutely love what we do and are so fortunate to be able to showcase the beautiful homes of East Tennessee!  

Notable Sales January 2017

Notable Sales January 2017


Summit Trails Drive | Sevierville, Tennessee | sold by Deanna Mendenhall-Miller

Scott Mansion 001

Scott Mansion Road | Tellico Plains, Tennessee | sold by Elizabeth Wright


Forest Oak Drive | Knoxville, Tennessee | sold by Whitney Ray-Dawson and Angie Riedl

A 14-JQ1A6568_HDR

Cougar Crossing Way | Sevierville, Tennessee | sold by Paula Kelley and Deanna Mendenhall-Miller